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06 Feb Let there be Light: Light and Data Films is here!

Hello World and welcome to lightanddata.com. There are obviously two key questions that we need to answer: Who are we? What is this about?

To answer the first question: We are a small company with ambitions, and it is precisely these ambitions that we see an absence of in cinema today. We want to make films that are permanently relevant.

To answer the second question: Our hope is that this site and our associated social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) will offer unique content to you and also build on our core aesthetic and ideas. With this in mind, we want your input and to hear what you think and feel about the work that we are interested in exploring. We will also use these platforms to provide updates on our project so that you can follow and be part of the journey. Ultimately, we want to build an extended partnership with a community of people who love and want to talk about cinema and the work that needs to be done in cinema.

The missing piece to this discussion is our project and what it will be. In simple terms, our first project will consist of two films: a short film and a feature-length documentary that will investigate the reception and understanding of Indigenous painting and the way it connects to concepts of time, light, land and the troubled soul of Australia. We came to this project through our interest in art and the feeling that there was something ancient and devastatingly relevant in the Indigenous paintings we were becoming familiar with. There are ideas and connected feelings traced in these artworks that we think offer enlarged perspectives for contemplating the oldest and most permanent aspects that constitute humanity.

We look forward to you joining us on this exciting new endeavour. Stay in touch through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and also sign up to receive our monthly newsletters that will feature all our blog content and updates from the team.

Find out more about our first project, A Distant Country.


Robert Letizi
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