About Us - Light and Data Films
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Light and Data Films (LAD) was founded in early 2015 by Charles Tutton and Robert Letizi. Light and Data specialises in the creation of motion narratives for online strategic communication. We formulate stories and create content by carefully attending to our client’s identity, ethos, and mission. We partner with our clients to listen, learn, think, and create messages that resonate deeply with their audiences.


Originality and conceptual accuracy is key to our work. We emphasise attention to public perceptions of style and values. We are artists and thinkers, backed by a controlled and strategically aware aesthetic sensibility, who can differentiate existing ideas and synthesise new ones.


Directing duo Charles and Robert have both worked in knowledge transfer industries and have extensive backgrounds in visual aesthetics, both in principle and practice. The pair brings their knowledge, passion, and keen sensitivity to achieving efficient and compelling visions for online communication.

Charles has expertise in Ethnographic cinema (particularly the work of Jean Rouch), documentary cinema (Dziga Vertov and Jean-Luc Godard), as well as histories of visual arts, digital cinema, media theory, and the films of Michael Mann.

Charles Tutton

Company Director - Filmmaker

Robert has been a photographer for over a decade and often exhibits his work. As a scholar, he has expertise in film music, film sound, art cinema, phenomenology, music/ image theory, and the works of Werner Herzog, Terrence Malick and Steve McQueen.

Robert Letizi

Company Director - Filmmaker